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My Trip to Ireland

For my whole life, the only place in the world that I had an interest in traveling to was Ireland. However, I never really thought this would happen. If you would have told me a year ago that I would travel all over Europe, I would not have believed it.

My plane touched down in Dublin on Wednesday, September 29. My dream had come true. I almost couldn’t believe it. The next question was, “Where do I start?” My friends and I made our way to Paddy’s Palace, the hostel in which we would sleep during our short few days in Dublin. Despite the lack of hot water for everday except the day we left, this hostel was decent.

On Thursday morning, we made our way across town to City Hall, where we started a very informative, free tour of the city. The tour guide told us a lot about the history of Dublin, including where its name originated. Long ago, the Vikings called the city, Dubh-Linn, which means, “black pool,” because the water in the bay was very black.

On Friday, Aaron and I caught a train to a town outside of Dublin, called Malahide. I saw the beach for the first time in my life while in Malahide. It was beautiful. I then enjoyed a traditional Irish breakfast at a restaurant called “That’s Amore.” After our meal, we made our way across the small town to a park that was the home of Malahide Castle.

On Saturday morning, Drew, Megan, Aaron and I took it easy and slowly strolled down the walk by the Liffey River. We took so many pictures. Dublin is so beautiful.

By Sunday morning, I was on my way home. I finally made it to Ireland, and what an adventure it was. Leaving this place was inevitable, but I will be back.

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  1. admin Sarah Howard says:

    Sounds exciting! I traveled to Ireland many years ago, but would love to visit again.
    All of us back at HLG are glad to read about your journeys in Europe. Keep the posts coming!

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