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The food isn’t too bad. There is common ground with American food, but there are differences too. Fish, chips, and tea are a regular occurrence. However, there is not  a set ‘tea time’ as I used to think. The food is a bit blander than American food. Potatoes are served at least once a day. Some of the sweets are too sweet, and some are not sweet enough, some hit the mark. There are no good chocolate shakes to be found here. Overall it’s not too bad. The most surprising thing to me about the culture here was the music. England listens to our American music. What’s popular over there is popular over here and is played everywhere. There is a shortage of movie theatres. Only the bigger towns have them. If a small town does have one it’s a small, dinky four cinema with movies from four months ago. That was interesting to me. All children wear a uniform to school. It’s quite adorable. Halloween is barely celebrated. It is not as big a deal in America. Thanksgiving is not celebrated, obviously. They have Guy Fox day on November 5, but other than that, they do not celebrate as many holidays as we Americans do. Driving on the opposite side of the road still takes some getting used to, but England is a lovely country.

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