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Historic England

England is a cool country to visit. It’s different from America in the sense that it’s older. That may seem like an obvious statement, but bear with me. It’s older in the sense that there are marks of history still present today. Somewhere in England there is a remnant from literally every stage of history. Stonehenge is present from the earliest age. There are walls and baths from when the Romans took over. There are castles from the time of the Normans. There are castles and homes from the different kings and queens. There are workhouses and factories from the industrial age. The locations where famous authors stayed and wrote about are still there from the Victorian period. This goes on and on and on. History is incorporated into the culture. Every city has something from the past. The contrast between historic and modern can be very sharp, especially when right next to each other. It’s also very rustic, green and rolling. So basically, every town I visit I now expect to see either a castle, or a cathedral or monument of some sort reflecting a period of history.

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