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Stonehenge Rocks!

This past weekend I went to Oxford, Bath and Stonehenge. In Oxford I was literally in the exact same great hall where Harry Potter was filmed! It was awesome! I also saw the Alice in Wonderland shop. Then we went to Bath. Bath is a lovely town; it’s easy to see why many people love it. I toured the Roman Baths and saw Cathedrals, churches, houses and art museums. It’s a rich town, as in I’ve never seen so many beautiful cars parked on the side of the road. Stonehenge, however, was my favorite. I loved seeing for myself the place I’ve been studying and reading about forever. I, of course, got pictures from every possible angle. It’s just so mysterious and cool. It was just an “aww” factor for me. I also got souvenirs of course. If you’re ever in England, hit up Stonehenge.

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