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I am Carla Chlebanowski, the wife of Professor Michael Chlebanowski. God is a God of second chances, and I am proof of that as I am also a student at HLG, returning to finish my degree, albeit later in life. In traveling abroad, I have had more “Aha!” moments than I can remember since I was a little kid. Life is filled with learning experiences, but it wasn’t until I got out of my comfort zone that I was able to find my true element. After all, God wants us to find our true element; communion with Him. It is when we are lost, that we are found. I hope that my experience will be helpful to you. Take courage!

Let the travel games begin.

I have learned that I am a skeptic and that my caution can overwhelm me. So it was a good thing for me when Michael shared his perspective on travel. “When you are a traveler in a foreign place, it’s … Continue reading

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